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Padma Dharmata  Erotic Artist 🌸 Sensual Goddess 📿 Sexual Healer 🌈 Writer 🍃 Ever-Evolving Soul 🍑 Self-Love Activist 💜 Undefinable ✨ @lotus.toes 🔞

“What can I tell you
about the alchemy of twins?
Twins are
two bodies that dance
to each other’s joy.
Two minds that drown
in each other’s despair.
Two spirits that fly
with each other’s love.
Twins are
two separate beings
conjoined at the heart!”
- Kamand Kojouri

Sexuality has always been an intrinsic part of my nature... It’s how I’ve come into existence. It’s the birth of all of humanity... Without it, we cease to exist. Yet, somehow it’s usually the first thing that is “shunned” in a spiritual seeking, and in a path to “purity”. But... We are sex. How can we deny that? How can we deny our very existence?

Smoke if you wanna smoke. Drink if you wanna drink. Live your truest life. But do no unnecessary harm...

I’ve come to a place in my life where I don’t care to be so accessible by the public. In some sense, I don’t even care to be a part of society, anymore. I don’t want to be a part of “look what I’m doing today, and how delicious was my dinner”. I don’t care about lipstick and dildo parties. I don’t care about how much people have always hated their bodies, but now lost 5 pounds. Oh, and now they’ve gained 5 pounds back and hate themselves again. .
Sure, have experiences in life. I certainly have mine. I just don’t care to be sucked into any game. I also don’t care for how selflessly I give myself, and love so unconditionally, while I end up being treated like a doormat, because most of this world isn’t ready for such a Universal love. There have been a great many hard lessons for me to learn, and I feel good about where I’m at.
I’ll continue to devote myself to my art, my book, my soulmate, and my daughter. Aside from that, I don’t have anything else to offer.
I’m deleting all social media, except for Instagram and my fan site (link in bio). I’ll continue to post to both.
I love you all, and always have.
Padma Dharmata

Sexy video shots of my recent photo shoot with my partner in crime and creation, @billylovetheworld. 😛😍✨

If there was only ever light, we’d always stay lost. It’s because of the darkness and light together that we are able to see anything, and find our way... Only because of immense darkness can we see the stars in the night sky... ✨

✨ Nude Yoga Erotica ✨
My soul in full existence...

Lick the world. 🌈✨

On Mother's Day, two years ago to the day of writing this, I was at my youngest sister's apartment, babysitting her daughter, while she ran some errands. It was also her birthday. When she came home, she told me of the plans that had been made to celebrate her birthday and Mother's Day, with a bonfire and barbecue, along with various members of our family, including our mom and my daughter. I hadn't previously known of these plans, so immediately I became excited and was preparing to join and ride out with my sister. As we were leaving her apartment, she seemed to hesitate, and then said she wanted to make sure with our mom that it was okay that I joined, before we left. It was one of the most bizarre moments in my life, for my sister to have to ask permission from her mother, my mother, to have me join and be with those who were supposedly also my family. The people I grew up with. Some of the people I loved most in this life. Especially my child. My only child.
And she said no.
At first, I was bewildered and confused. It crushed and devastated me. I couldn't understand why this was happening. Why she would do this to me, or treat me this way. How can someone not want to love or be around their own child? She said that it wasn't a good idea, and, on some other day, I could visit with my daughter, despite my begging and pleading to be there on Mother's Day, and not just "some other day". .
My sister left with her daughter to go see our mom and my daughter. And I was left alone, empty and hurting in my soul. I walked downstairs to the apartment that my partner, Billy, and I were temporarily staying in with his son, and asked him to come outside with me.
I felt completely broken, hurt, and confused as I told Billy everything that had happened. I cried. I got angry. I became sad. In the midst of all of the hurt and anguish I was feeling, becoming very angry with my mother in reliving the story to Billy, I couldn't help but thinking that my pain wasn't special. It wasn’t unique. It wasn't any different than the pain experienced by so many around me in this world, but I didn't want them to feel this pain, either. They didn't deserve it. (Continued in comments)

It’s always an excellent day for an adventure... ✨💜✨

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