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I’m one of the happiest people I know...and it’s probably because I allow myself to break down from time to time...

Death. It’s interesting. Provoking. That one word holds such great mystery to all mankind. Some see it as vicious and ugly—a bitter fate to run from, or something to solve. Others see it as an inevitable end, whether happy or sad. And others see it as an old friend, beckoning for companionship. An end to all pain and problems. A veil into the unknown—to some afterlife or interim-life that only those who can’t come back can actually know. One moment, you’re here in this body—laughing, crying, breathing. Living. Blood in your veins. And in some other moment: poof. The breath is gone and the body stops. Some see it coming, while most never do. The body decays, and yet the soul still goes on. It’s terrifying to the human mind—the not knowing. The lack of control. The inconvenience of it all. The untimeliness. Incomprehensible to the brain. Not to mention the tragedy and sadness of watching a loved one pass before our very eyes. But only the mind worries. Only the mind battles with fear—and there’s something beyond the mind and what bit of unease there may or may not be. If we can just be still and silent for a moment long enough to feel and hear beyond the mind—what is it? It quite literally is a stillness of the heart. A deep peace. Our higher self or truth. Some call this God. Some call it Self. Awareness. Universe, or Ultimate Being. Nothingness. I Am. Allah. Shiva. Whatever word can be placed on it—it doesn’t change the reality of what it is. And when we feel that peace, and we stay with that peace, all else comes to be just as it should—in regards to death and dying, or even in life itself. We become so afraid in facing our end, our demise—or the demise of others—but perhaps we’ve never thought to realize that it may be a beginning...and perhaps this current life is just a stepping stone, our death a graduation... Of course we miss our loved ones, our friends and partners—but again, if we rest our selves in that quiet space, there’s not a thing that can take us from being at ease with life’s transitions, however challenging they may be. All we find is a stillness of the heart, a deep love for what may be.

Constistency is the biggest trap in this life. No one is consistent naturally. I’ve learned this deeply and greatly in my life roles and careers in the public—first as a daughter and a friend and a wife, then as a mystic and a yoga icon, and then as a porn star. Most people don’t *really* want anyone to change—especially when they love the current role of said person. The same performance is desired over and over, and when the role changes (because, let’s face it: naturally, we evolve every day), it’s an upheaval of disappointment, and even fury. “You changed! You’re not who I thought you were!” No, I’m not, because I’m an evolving existence, and my life is to travel this journey, even if it ends up as a public image suicide. I’d rather kill my image and projected persona and be who I am, than to be “consistent” and stable, and give the presumed audience what is wanted and expected. That audience may or may not be there tomorrow—but I still have to live with who I am. I still have to live my heart and my truth. And even if I kept giving this desired performance, eventually the audience would fall away because I became boring and monotonous—I never changed things up enough. Seems like the audience has unrealistic expectations that I never asked for. I never wanted opinions on my life story. I just want to express my life. ✨

Today is transition day. ✨

They call me Burrito Buddha. 🌯

Everything I own is right here on my back... Dreaming of a grand adventure. But that’s me. A dreamer. 🧚🏼‍♂️❤️✨ Who knows what tomorrow holds.

This. ❤️

Five years ago today... This popped up on my FB today and what a flashback! Yet so many similarities... Always a drifting fairy gypsy, wearing my Buddha on my sleeve...
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LINK IN BIO — Typically, I’m able to express my heart beat in written word, but yesterday, I decided to make a YouTube video on my current experience and transition in life! Click the link in my bio to watch/listen! 💜
A brief overview of the current transition I’m experiencing in this life, as I struggle between the money-chasing aspect of my beloved erotic art, and the ascetic “minimalist” passion of my soul. .
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All of the magic in the world is always right there in front of you. It’s up to you to see it, to live it, to breathe it... ✨
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Even while in the woods, #tacoeverydamnday. 🌮❤️🧚🏻‍♀️

Many pray for their friends and family (and even the world) in such a way that they’re begging their god to “save” their loved ones from their seeming “evil ways”—not realizing that in so doing, they are inflicting judgment and condemnation on those they claim to love. They’re sending curses and vibes of “live your life the way that I do, or in a way that I approve of”, taking the role of “god” in deciding what is right or wrong for another. Instead, regardless of what religion or what god or list of rules we choose to follow, we should always openly pray in the manner of “let their life be blessed and full of abundance, and may they find happiness and truth—regardless of what I, my self, may choose to follow”. {Not my will, but thine be done.} ❤️

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