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Julia Granowicz 

And no one's going to hear from me until I've finished reading #harrypotter and the #cursedchild ! It feels like I've been waiting forever for this! Or at least nearly 10 years since #deathlyhallows

And apparently all that play tired him out. Oh the life of a cat must be so exhausting! #sleepykitty #orionkitty

Orion is in super playful kitten mode today! :) #fluffybutt #fatcat #orionkitty #playful

Sleepy, lovey kitty. Fell asleep while I was brushing him. :)

Hello Monster, it's been a while. Oh, did I miss you. Time to get stuff done! #monsterenergy #gitrdun #hyperactivejulia

Yummy win. :)

This is just great :)

Anyone else remember this particular series? I remember every October watching it on cartoon network. I'm pretty sure I need to buy this.

He finds weird places to relax. #orionkitty #fluffybutt

This is an awesome lunch! :)

#orionkitty sleeping away on me. :) seems like he's adjusting to inside kitty pretty well so far. :)

The star of the show is back :) #orionkitty #fluffybutt I missed his fluff so much! Even the loud meows are music to my ears right now.

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