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Dee Yang  I'm running to the secret place/Where You are/I'll sing to You of all the ways You stole my heart - Wickham

The other day at the benefit concert. The band was amazing #fishermensproject

When you wanna look like Kylie Jenner but the Dr injected too much plumping serum and now you're just trying to play it off and make it werk #LipsForDayz

Out and about in this 70 degree weather that isn't suppose to be happening this early in the year but whateves. Enjoy it while it lasts Wisconsinites!! #StormsBrewing #hibernationNation

It's that kind of feeling when you're driving alone down the highway and the street lights stream by and creates dancing shadows on your dash. Neither here nor there, neither evoking nostalgia nor yearning for an excessively wistful return to the sentimental years past. Just a feeling of being where you are and feeling present, content and helpless at the same time.

Omg I'm dying .... 😂😂😂

You know those days when you wanna be a 😺? Yeah, it's that day.

No Face. #ghibli #details

Judging you.

Game night 🤡