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“I go out there and see how I can interweave my vision into the community in a positive way” - @queenandreaone
We believe that art can bring a community together and on May 7th we want to do just that. Find out how to participate in #NationalMuralDay by tapping the bio link.

@queenandreaone is a native New Yorker and female street artist who focuses on bright, encouraging typography. She believes that the written word and phrases are powerful and the words we choose to use can really change our lives.
Introduced to us by @ceyadams, Andrea invited us into her vibrant studio and we were blown away. Swipe right to check it out.

“[Art] has the ability to open eyes, to move hearts, to confront people in a way they otherwise might not be confronted” - @iamwetpaint
We believe that art has the power to inspire and uplift. We invite you to participate in #NationalMuralDay on May 7th. Go out in your community and create. For more details on how you can get involved hit the bio link

@iamwetpaint endeavors to convey the true stories and experiences of oppressed people from political movements in ways that more broadly form, shade and convey the individual and collective injustices they face
Introduced to us by @ceyadams, Sophia invited us into her Brooklyn studio, swipe right to check it out. We’re working together on something exciting, sharing more tomorrow.

They got the right idea. A few for now, a few for later 🍻

Captured by @morgnar at @1700naud for LIGHTBOX, a conceptual film and photo project shot in one day at Louie Lopez’s private indoor skate park.

Raising an Easy for @leonbridgesofficial 🍻. A rad time celebrating a local legend in a PACKED house with @_vivalatina spinning all night. Swipe right and see it for yourself. (📸: @vicious_velma)

Spent some time with @porous_walker and @toddfrancisart for OPENING NIGHT of @foolstheshow at @1700naud. The show highlighted the artists’ mutual love for irreverence, bad situations and bodily functions. It also featured all new works and products never seen before by mankind. Check out to get something for the FOOL in your life if you missed it.

Who are you sharing your next Easy with? Find it near you via our bio link. (📸:

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Low calorie, easy drinking. Find Easy near you, just hit the bio link. 🍻 (📸:

It’s life. (🎨: @ryanriddlecomics)

Some days are for Easy, some days are for the Original. What’s tonight? (🎨: @paulinasolski)

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