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Round 2 of the pressers - Mayweather v McGregor.. Toronto 🇨🇦 #MayweatherMcGregor #floydmayweather #maymac #connormcgregor #tmt #vegas #toronto #canada #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

1st presser done an dusted - it seemed like Floyd was going to stay calm in the interviews I saw before hand but then I think Connor has the nack and would wind up even the calmest of fighters but I think Floyds also playing the game, Connors way way way out of his depth! " All work is what.. Easy work.. Now point to the easy work👉😂🙈"... Unfortunately for Connor his skills in a 'boxing ring' certainly won't match his mouth outside 💯 #MayweatherMcGregor #maymac #vegas #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

"It's the last one, ladies and gentlemen!" @floydmayweather makes it clear that @thenotoriousmma will be the final fight of his career and I can honestly say he means it. For years, he's been telling me how much this sport has taken a toll on him, both physically and mentally, and now more than ever I can see how just how ready he is to walk away for good. I truly believe this is it, so whether you love him or hate him, August 26th will very well be the final chance we get to see one of the all-time greats, and definitely the best of this era, put his skills and talents on display inside the ring. #MayweatherMcGregor #FightHype #floydmayweather #tmt #vegas #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

Hats off to the WBO for announcing the re-scoring of the dismal efforts of the first judges in the Horn v Pacquiao. It's the rite thing to do as I don't no one person who actually gave Horn the win on points so welldone @worldboxingorg 👏 This needs to happen a lot more often from now onwards!! #wbo #pacquiaohorn #manny #mannypacquiao #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

After the quite blatant robbery, fix whatever you want to call it with Manny Pacquiao against Horn in Australia. This isn't new in boxing an I think personally it's about time the sport moves on in a direction other sports have moved in an makes a few changes which in the long run will benefit the boxers, fans, and make the sport in general a lot fairer in the future.
I think having 3 judges ringside all on one side of the ring scoring one of, if not the hardest sport to score from ringside we need to change it up in a way where maybe we keep the 3 judges but bring in sumthing like compu-box as a back up system in which fighters can appeal the result of a bout.
You have men an women going overseas training hard in camps for their shot an they can do better than the champ or an opponent an still get robbed or done over which to me isn't fair anymore. Promoters wouldn't like this system but the likes of the fans, boxers in question who are robbed will benefit from a fair result.
It's been going on for years now an it only makes the Greatest sport in boxing look corrupt and disheartens fans from going to fights an even tuning in to watch the fights.
I honestly think the @worldboxingorg @wbcmoro @wbcboxing @wbaboxingofficial and IBF need to start acting fairer an moving forward with a up to date scoring system to make the bouts results fair in the future.
Thoughts?? #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #wbo #wba #ibf #wbc #topclassboxing

With just 44 days to go until the 'Historic' Undisputed Super Lightweight matchup of @tbudcrawford v Julius Indongo... Indongo commented to Sky Sports "I’m under no pressure at all, I’m going to Nebraska, USA, to wrestle those titles away from Crawford and it does not bother me that I’m going into his own backyard" “As a team, we have a strategy and perfect game plan for Crawford, so I’m really not concerned with what my opponent has in store for me or the pressure of fighting in the States.” Terence Crawford (31-0, 22 KOs), the WBC/WBO super lightweight champion, takes on also unbeaten Indongo on August 19 at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital city, is about a one-hour drive from Crawford’s hometown of Omaha.
#crawfordindongo #terencecrawford #bud #juliusindongo #omaha #lincoln #hbo #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

After 1st watching I had Pacquiao up by 3/4 come the end. Precision punching an landing the cleaner blows of the two. I had only seen bits of Jeff Horn before this fight an thought he gave a great account of himself going the 12 but the decision for me was harsh on Manny but then all along he should of given @tbudcrawford that work so it's catch 22 - altho it's not good seeing sumone receive an L when they quite blatantly won.
#pacquiaohorn #pacquiao #manny #jeffhorn #hornet #brisbane #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

To be fair I need to watch it again an score it properly but 90% of people saying Pacquiao was robbed.. How did you guys see it?? #pacquiaohorn #mannypacquiao #jeffhorn #brisbane #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

50 Days to go @tbudcrawford v Julius Indongo - For the WBA, IBO, IBF, WBC + WBO World Super Lightweight Titles.. They don't come much bigger than this. Anyone who has seen Julius Indongo fight knows he's a talented hungry fighter who's 2inches taller than Bud an also has a slightly longer reach. He has an awkward style an punches hard but Bud for me is technically the better fighter with more in his arsenal and his ring generalship pulls him through a tough battle to become the Undisputed Champion at 140lbs - some achievement that will be aswell👊 Can't wait for this fight!! #crawfordindongo #terencecrawford #juliusindongo #omaha #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxeo #topclassboxing

Promoter Top Rank announced its next two main events late Thursday night in its new partnership with ESPN.
The basic-cable network will air a super featherweight title bout between champion Vasyl Lomachenko (8(6)-1-0) and Miguel Marriaga (25(21)-2-0) on August 5. Two weeks later on the 19th August, ESPN will broadcast a full 140-pound championship unification fight that’ll match Unbeatun Champions Terence Crawford (31(22)-0-0) against Julius Indongo (22(11)-0-0) in a historic undisputed bout of winner takes all the belts at 140lbs.. Ukraine’s Lomachenko, who owns the WBO 130-pound championship, and Colombia’s Marriaga will square off at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Crawford, the WBC/WBO super lightweight champion, will encounter Namibia’s Indongo, the IBF/IBO/WBA 140-pound champion, at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, about a one-hour drive from Crawford’s hometown of Omaha.
#crawfordindongo #lomachenkomarriaga #terencecrawford #bud #juliusindongo #vasyllomachenko #miguelmarriaga #boxing #boxeo #boxen #boxe #topclassboxing

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