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Anwar Behbehani🎨📷  26- finding myself video timelapse of me making a huge wall painting in link 👇🏼 subscribe away🐬💦💙❤️

In my head i'm still 22. Where did the 4 years go?

Thought this was very cool- first time i see a flower like this

Outta this world🌌

Saw Beauty & The Beast on the plane and I don't understand why they banned it in Kuwait.
Really it was way way over-exaggerated and there are no scenes they were talking about and the people made a big fuss about. 🎶 t💜le as old as timė 🎶🙆🏻

My insta is me/ for me/ my memory/ my life diary/ so to not have any of this on here looking back is unreal

part one

Part two

My annual photo


Like a Van Gogh painting

Inspired by my old wall painting with my new skills

Im inclined to say i was better
But actually none is better or worse
It's just different

Before having an art studio my art was all in my room and i painted the wall then told my mom i did i said "sawait shay" and she replied "buga shay ma 9ba'3ti 3adi" something like that. And it was decided it was okay to paint my room wall. Then it got way out of hand paint always falling on Iranian carpets, i became an expert (pft) at cleaning those. I still have paint marks on my floor that don't go away. That's a little story i'm sharing
Here's a photo of my old wall💙
It's important to look at old photos- not just memories
I remember it so well (the past) but at the same time i forget it's hard to explain
In our head all we have is us now
when u see old pics ure like oh that was me
I loove looking at old photos but i opened this vault of them yesterday of highschool to uni and it's important to because without them we're just standing on us today but when u look at them it's not just memories but you're back in the moment and you're like oh that's me before
Anyways dunno if any of this made sense or if someone else with a writing talent can explain it. Anyways
Thought it was a good picture to share
And i didnt edit the text just mumbled and posting- too lazy to

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