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Paul Smith  Tryna give you life through these pixicles. 😎. Already gave my heart away ... @sincerelymrs.smith 😘💙

Yo fat shouts to my brotha Lee for hooking me up with some amazing headphones. He delivered them to me and hook me up with a shirt. He's the type of businessman want to build and network with! I see you bro. #4thewin @milieuxsports_

So folks getting buried leaving kids nothing or who ever suppose to raise the kids when their gone nothing... Something has to change fast. #ThatsWhyImHere #PRI #Primerican #NotMyFamily

Picked this for @qanth this make me too proud. Let's go queens 👸🏿! #buildandbuildsomemore

Awesome day! Got a chance to share my vision with a bunch of other passionate folks who want to do something special with their lives. I'm more encouraged than I've ever been to meet other leaders who want to change their futures. #BlackBusinessMan #ProudPrimerican

Why go into business for myself you ask? Because my child's needs to see it as a norm and not an anomaly. #BlackBusinessMan

I know what would be easy for me to go and do. I know the talents that have already been developed in me. I hear folks saying how I should just stick to what "they& #34; say I'm suppose to do. In a sense they're right, I've been able to thrive in my comfort zone. But there's something else inside of me that won't let me stay comfortable there. I'm called to leave, learn, and grow. I'm done running from it and I want bring others with me. Let's go.

Sums up our friendship pretty much.

I know her hearts in the right place (right over the baby) 15 weeks and counting. #PT3ontheway

I used to worry about them laughing at while I climbed. Now I'm just looking for others who want to come up with me. #startedfromda ... #TheRise #Primerica

It's true and it makes me sad. Tired of just good enough, I want Great! #DatDawg #ThisIsNotAGame

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