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Paul Smith  Tryna give you life through these pixicles. 😎. Already gave my heart away ... @sincerelymrs.smith 😘💙

See me!!!! @biglex94

I'm definitely gone blow yalls TL for a min. As we made the 15hr drive back to the D I sitting and thinking about how amazing the convention was. How I was people who look, act, and sound just like me winning in a way I've never seen before. I saw one of my closest friends and leader of my team take a huge step by becoming a Regional VP in our company. I felt how my team that came made a shift. We made a deep commitment now it's about the grind. I'm excited and wowed by what I experienced this weekend. #primericaconvention2017

"A true measure of a successful man is simple. Does he do what he says he will do." Bro you have set goals and knocked em down. But this one is different, this just gave you your license to freedom. This one showed our whole team that we can put the work in and get to the freedom. This shows the world that if you sell out to your dreams and ignore all the hate and distractions you got a shot to do something special. Thank you for being a mentor but more importantly a friend to me in life and in business. RVP now but this is only the start. #primericaconvention2017 #RookieOfTheYearPRI #RegionalVicePresident #BeastMode #RVPUnder30

#primericaconvention2017 it's already for me. I do have to go get it though!!

To all my seniors who I've watched grow and learn: I'm amazed by y'all. I promise y'all taught me more than I taught y'all. You've taken step one and just as we praise a baby for her or his first step, we also expect them to go much further. So know I expect y'all to step into every bit of who you are, while knowing you still got me in your corner cheering you on. Love y'all.

The OG is laughing in every photo we took. That's how we like it. #aintnomommaliketheoneIgot #mothersday #Lexlooklikeashadow

Yooooooo shout out to my family. At 27 years old they still bring me balloons and cake to school. My 6th graders loved it lol. I'm blessed y'all if you don't get it by now. #todaywasagoodday #birthdayboi

It's my birthday and it's #TGIM . God really showing out today lol. #LoveMyBirthday

They lied to us y'all. Not sure who it was, probably multiple sources, but they lied. It was not an explicit lie either. It was very subtle and dull at first. The lie started out as a small thought and over time it grew into a life style. A philosophy that we bought into. It's the same lie that keeps us feeling like we just can't catch a break or life is really doing us bad. The lie that makes us feel like we gotta stunt all the time. Like we have to show off in order for blessings to really be blessings. The lie is simple: my road to success should be easy. We never say it out loud but it's the lie we believe. I know this to be true because every time I get hit with a new challenge I've complained, or folded, or tried to take a short cut. Here the truth: success will be the hardest thing you've ever reached for and it should be. Well I'm done with the lie y'all. I promise I'll let God guide me through and know I'm apart of an amazing come up. What will you do with the lie? #longpost #hopeandopportunity

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!

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