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Paul Marques Taylor  life · art · travel 🇬🇧 london p.marquestaylor@gmail.com

Dear London ...it's the 9th of May, so please do me a favour and act accordingly? k thanx bye.

▫️◽️◻️⬜️◻️◽️▫️ reflecting on cubes.
An Improvisation by Larry Bell | @whitecubeofficial

Until October -stay pretty LA 🌴🌴🌴🌴

the constant derision 🙄

Light (in my loafers)

Three Gems Skyspace by James Turrell | @deyoungmuseum

Thinking about kale probably...

Coachella ✌🏽

Daisy by Mary Weatherford | @davidkordanskygallery

Visiting all my favourite friends.

Happier than a seagull with a french fry.

Curves, courtesy of the inimitable #ZahaHadid.

One's outfit should always complement the architecture.
Forms in Space...by Light (in Time) by Cerith Wyn Evans | @tate

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