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By @nakittafoxx "On the 20th of September I turned 4 Months Ive grown so much!!! I can recognize people especially my family! I weigh 19lbs yes In the 96%tile and I'm 26inches long 79%tile. I am a talker and I talk most when I'm sleepy cause I fight fight fight sleep. I'm scooting and I've almost mastered the roll over thing. Oh I'm eating cereal now and can drink a little juice and I like it too! I'm a good baby however I'm kinda on the spoiled side if you hold me I want make a peep lol if not hmmmm I'll give you a minute to get back to me before I sound the alarm. I sleep the whole night through Yea they couldn't wait for that! And with all that being said IM Still Cute as EVER! #acemaddox Acemonthtomonth #4months #futuredefensiveback #imgonnadoitall #kingdomkid



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