Instagram post by @raeniks Rae Niks


  • 227w ago raeniks raeniks

    @bewolverine thanks for the photo op!

  • 227w ago lonstermash lonstermash

    @raeniks If you like Wolverine cosplay please check out my FACEBOOK page at Lonstermash. I have a few samples here too

  • 223w ago raeniks raeniks

    @lonstermash yes! I've seen your page before will follow and next con I'll have to try and find you out for a photo op 📷 your Wolvie is awesome

  • 223w ago lonstermash lonstermash

    Thanks so much! @raeniks Some people think I'm the guy in this photo.

  • 223w ago raeniks raeniks

    @lonstermash aw, well you are both very talented. but I remember seeing your page a year ago and thinking you had a more Hugh like face

  • 223w ago lonstermash lonstermash

    Thanks! @raeniks

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