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@karmaloop One other thing. Sorry for the delay, but its a result of doing business with karmaloop. We haves to take them to court for a check. Why? no reason they just think they can fuck over small companies and not cut the check after you send them gear. They have no reason to do this but because there a big brand thats over saturated they just feel they can pay people when they feel like it , and this is just over 5 stacks. For a half a year we've been trying to get our money.Ridiculous had to get lawyered up! With them doing this it put a halt to our production. In the future be careful doing business with them. These hoes at loyal! Don't worry we gonna get our loot promise and will document the whole process and post so y'all can see how it really goes down. Some of the staff at Karmaloop is cool kevin, chedda but everyone else can suck it over there for real! #loyaltyiseverything

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