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Week 1 vs Week5 ....
Went to an Amazing BBQ yesterday and turned down a Donut Burger 😍#Str8FoodPorno & liquor 😔 .... But I have to stay focused

Check this shyt out .... We are all born into this life with a particular purpose, or mission, a gift to give the world. We will find that whatever is our passion is and all that ... Is generally related to our purpose and for which we have a particular gift to develop and share.

We ALL have dreams and wishes. Its alright to dream. Unless we do something about them, that is exactly what they remain. You have to wake the Phuck up sometime. It is action that brings our dreams and wishes to life. We can do this by setting goals and taking it step by step until our goals are realized. Never be daunted by those who would discourage you. Listen to and act on your inner voice, let your life be an adventure! Mistakes and all. After all, it is your life!

#GotALongWay2GoButiCame2Far2StopNow #DedicationIsABitchAndiMarriedHer
#SlowProgressIsStillProgress so #RespectTheProgress

Gn and Sleep Tight And All that
Tomorrow is Monday .... Let's Wake Up & Chase What We've Been Dreaming Of



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