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*clears throat* ahem! May I have your attention please? I am, over the next few weeks, going to be transferring over to my new account, @maiu_10. "But that's ur current account, idiot!" Uh... As of two seconds ago, it is not XD I am now @maiu_12 because I wish to keep my username when I move over to this new account. •

Some of you might remember me talking about doing this once or twice, but it took me a while to decide what I wanted to do. •

This new account is going to be private for a month or so, making it easier to keep away future ghost followers. That is one of the reasons I'm switching, to get rid of ghost followers. •

So that's basically it. Thanks for listening! Now if you could head over there and follow that account instead I would be very grateful! :)

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