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  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    That was a fun hunt, and your Father killed a hell of a nice ram!! @deadeyeoutfitters #killingsheep. #thenumber

  • 231w ago chadsorenson chadsorenson

    @deadeyeoutfitters one of your last posts has me wondering what's more important if you want a big ram in nevada. Do you hold out for the units that produce good rams every year or put in for the less popular units and work harder?

  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    @chadsorenson that's a tough question, I drew two years ago in a unit that hasn't produced a book ram since I believe 1987 and I got extremely lucky and killed a book ram the 3 other tag holders did not kill, so you can't ever say for sure. But I'd say try for the better units.

  • 231w ago sheephuntnv sheephuntnv

    That pick up head is bad ass lol

  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    Lol, you see the bases on that ewe?!!! @sheephuntnv @tsanchez25 @deadeyeoutfitters

  • 231w ago deadeyeoutfitters deadeyeoutfitters

    @sheephuntnv haha well Slade was hammering all the deadheads. Chris and I had to be proud of what we found!

  • 231w ago chadsorenson chadsorenson

    @chrislaceyart you and the guy that killed in that unit the year after your are exactly why this question is on my mind.

  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    Well I would like to have killed that ram that he got but I doubt he was there the year I was. If you just want to hunt sheep it's a easier to draw unit but only about 5 rams came outta there in the last ten years so you really are taking a chance and as far as size well read the stats the ave is about 147" I think

  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    Check the size with out the two rams we killed and you see they rarely kill and it's usually small. But it's still a sheep. If you have a lot of points apply where they kill big rams every year. You'll be happier seeing a lot of sheep

  • 231w ago deerslam deerslam

    Nice guys!! @deadeyeoutfitters @chrislaceyart

  • 231w ago chrislaceyart chrislaceyart

    Lol we do find a ram every now and then


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