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One of the most amazing thing that has ever happened! Baptism!
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  • 237w ago cararosemcd cararosemcd

    I love you girl!!! I pray for you daily! And I'm so excited that you toke this step of faith. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #yourAmazing

  • 237w ago promise_rose17 promise_rose17

    I'm so happy that I could be there for you Kaitlin!♡(:

  • 237w ago ksasloww ksasloww

    @cararosemcd Thank you! I miss you girl! @promise_rose17 I love you girly! 

  • 236w ago promise_rose17 promise_rose17

    Love you too!!!(:

  • 202w ago lola.payne40 lola.payne40

    When i told my parents i wanted to be baptised they we surprized that i wanted to be baptised and i had my youth teacher to do my baptism she said yes and when it was the big day every one of my family and friends were so happy and greatfull for me and my grandma was crying then i started to cry i was so happy i did that. :)

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