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Name: Unknown
Cutie Mark: Pencil
Race: Pegasus
Mane Colour: Brown
Coat Colour: Yellow
Eye Colour: Blue
Unique mane, and tail.
A pencil cutie mark is waaaay overused.
Nice colours
What's her name!
Change her cutie mark so it has nothing to do with a pencil.


  • 269w ago boobie399 boobie399

    @furzoid u don't have to listen to her. I think it's really rude just to act all high and mighty and say “change the cutie mark just because I said so” the cutie can be whatever YOU want so don't let her boss u around.

  • 269w ago oc_rater_mlp oc_rater_mlp

    I never said she had too. I'm just saying that like 100+ OCs have pencil cutie marks. Also, this is MY opinion so if she doesn't like what I said she doesn't have to do anything. Another thing, grammar look it up. @insta_konata

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