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Instagram post by @bodybyadonis Adonis "No Excuses" Hill


I Told Them: "You Can't Gain No Real Muscles and A Slim Waist Just By Eating #PlantBased Foods & Shyt" #WheresAllMy DamnProteinGoing2ComeFrom

#VegaTeam said: #DontBelieveUsJustWatch
And 3days Later ....... #FedExBeLikeCanYouSignForThisPackage
I'll Be The Judge Of That!!!!! #StayTuned!

God Is Good ..... GN!!!!! ✌


  • 216w ago nuwoodz nuwoodz

    Guess they said horses do it?? Lol

  • 216w ago quishajuice quishajuice

    Jelly!! Love this stuff but it's so expensive lol

  • 216w ago mejiasphotog mejiasphotog

    Sweet man! You got this!

  • 216w ago poppa_rah poppa_rah

    The biggest land animals on the planet are the elephant, giraffe, and rhino.

  • 216w ago black_gold143 black_gold143

    Please tell me you're taking on new clients

  • 216w ago autumn.js autumn.js

    I want some! Lol

  • 216w ago phillebeau phillebeau

    Welcome to the family buddy!

  • 216w ago carlitapphotos carlitapphotos

    Lmbo @ your hashtags

  • 216w ago baddietay baddietay

    I love VEGA. Go plant based!!!

  • 216w ago ashley_says ashley_says

    @bodybyadonis I hope you just said that to get free stuff and not because you actually believe it.

  • 216w ago bodybyadonis bodybyadonis

    @phillebeau thanx for having me apart of the team .... Can't wait to see what this plant base life is all about

  • 216w ago ichersmile ichersmile

    That's a hell of alot of stuff just to prove a point. You have been blessed @bodybyadonis 🙏-- in more ways than one! #doyathang

  • 216w ago yeahimshanae yeahimshanae

    Vega One is amazing!

  • 216w ago coach_ray_daly coach_ray_daly

    Keep up the good work Brother...it is hard work to keep on incline of your fitness game stay blessed young man keep up the good work we looking up to you.

  • 216w ago leslieannfitness leslieannfitness

    Only product I use👌

  • 216w ago fitmencook fitmencook


  • 216w ago clydedavisjr clydedavisjr

    Vega and plant fusion are the truth.

  • 216w ago billyyychung billyyychung

    @bodybyadonis u dnt eat meat?

  • 216w ago joesoyvegan joesoyvegan

    I need that in my life bro. Today ia my 1st day as a Vegan and I get my MRI results today. If its good news, I will be working on adding on my mass! All plant based foods #VeganFit

  • 216w ago sekhmetrebels sekhmetrebels

    @bodybyadonis I have "warrior food extreme" protein its the cleanest of them all check it out

  • 215w ago bodybyadonis bodybyadonis

    @coach_daly_sr thank you brother ... Much appreciated! It's been a long time my dude. How have you been? @clydedavisjr it is? In about to find out lol! Are you a vegetarian/vegan? @getbusypt that's a big step my g! How's it going so far? @billiechung yes I do .... No beef and pork tho. This company promotes plant based food vs being a vegetarian/vegan {----@ashley_says

  • 215w ago joesoyvegan joesoyvegan

    So far so good brother. I feel great and now that the doc ok'd me to get back to the weights I'm hype to start adding these GAINS!!! We gotta get up soon

  • 215w ago clydedavisjr clydedavisjr

    Nah not a vegetarian but someone introduced it to me because a lot of other protein powders are hard on my stomach. I've found vega to be easy on my stomach , great tasting and helped me pack on and maintain quality muscle without unwanted calories. There is also a brand called plant fusion which is not as good but is more economical.

  • 215w ago ashley_says ashley_says

    @bodybyadonis plant-based food means being a vegan.

  • 215w ago ashley_says ashley_says

    @bodybyadonis I don't eat meat or dairy and you can see my progress on my page :)

  • 215w ago ashley_says ashley_says

    @bodybyadonis AND kudos to you for trying it out

  • 215w ago jaclyn_lc jaclyn_lc

    @bodybyadonis @phillebeau looking forward to this! #VegaFuel #PlantPower @vega_team

  • 215w ago bodybyadonis bodybyadonis

    @jaclyn_lc @phillebeau me too!!!!!!! Let's Show These People what this plant base life is all about #VegaTeam 💪

  • 215w ago gymjonessd gymjonessd

    @bodybyadonis thank you for this post bro. I was looking for a pre workout but couldn't find any without all that ish in it. After seeing this I bought the Vega pre workout and that stuff Keeps me energized. I added extra drop sets to my routines because of all the energy I have now. Again many thanks and keep on putting us on

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