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I am not a #HuntingtonBeach local. But I just spent 9 days in this amazing place by the sea. I have seen some dumb stuff in my short time on the planet, but im glad I was back at my hotel packing my bags when all this went down. To everyone I met in HB you were all super nice. And I am sorry all this happened. To the store owners who were vandalized and looted I wish you luck pressing on. I enjoyed and appreciated my time there more than you can know. It is a beautiful place. #hbriots #hbriot #repost #riot #RichKidRiot #TrashYourOwnHouseIfYouWannaDestroySomething #WentFromFreeHugsToInsanity #VansUsOpen


  • 268w ago madisonroselovely madisonroselovely

    Just came across your Post and wanted to really just say thank you for your kind words! HB is amazing, and I am proud and blessed to call it my home. Thank you! @codygriz

  • 268w ago dreyraylene dreyraylene

    Your post is in point. Thank you, is locals appreciate your words!

  • 268w ago richard_dick_ richard_dick_

    Pretty sure locals from HB wouldn't vandalize their own beautiful town. It was the stupid tourist that didnt have respect.

  • 268w ago richard_dick_ richard_dick_

    Appreciate it!

  • 268w ago lepetitricain lepetitricain

    God bless you @codygriz I understand how you felt

  • 268w ago lepetitricain lepetitricain

    Even though I'm from the east, I love this beach, vandals have to mess it up! I understand how you are feeling bro @codygriz

  • 268w ago o.c_mermaid o.c_mermaid

    Well said sir, we Huntington Beach locals thank you & hope to see you again 💙

  • 268w ago mrsscottmcmanus mrsscottmcmanus

    Look at the arrest logs. Most are from hb. #ignoranceisbliss

  • 268w ago salty_jay32 salty_jay32

    Man. I can easily say that as a local that meant alot. Stay safe brother! @codygriz

  • 268w ago stephinatorr stephinatorr

    I've lived in HB my whole life, just blocks away from main st. Thanks for this post, helps me see not everyone visiting is out to be an asshole and trash out city <3 glad you enjoyed your time here!

  • 268w ago mickeysfinemaltliquor mickeysfinemaltliquor


  • 268w ago motomind motomind

    Cool man...real cool.


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