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I had a #dream about a tiny #mouse and hope it's the second #dreammeaning shown here. #dreaminterpretation


  • 144w ago nora.cabrera nora.cabrera

    Look up mouse totem instead of dream symbol. More accurate in terms of symbolic meaning/message. 🙏🏽

  • 144w ago modelsupplies modelsupplies

    @nora.cabrera oh wow! Deer mouse all the way. I have no idea what to do with this knowledge, but there is something extremely important and scary I've been avoiding. Time to deal with it! Thank you!

  • 144w ago nora.cabrera nora.cabrera

    @modelsupplies honored to help! Look up owl totem too- mouse and owl totems are synergistic....

  • 102w ago thebeautifulnerd_ thebeautifulnerd_



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