Instagram post by @spyjosh Joshua Apter

Oh my god! Look what I found!! #magicmyth&;mayhem #yabc #2005 #proofiwasoncearecordedartist


  • 327w ago theamorg theamorg

    Oh my gosh! why doesn't YABC do CDs any more? I remember recording in 2007 or maybe it was 2008

  • 327w ago spyjosh spyjosh

    @bohemelavie I know. I want to do another! But the studio they did it in closed down.

  • 327w ago theamorg theamorg

    Find another studio...

  • 327w ago spyjosh spyjosh

    Well ask Robert :P

  • 326w ago spyjosh spyjosh

    @bohemelavie well tell Robert :P

  • 262w ago michelle_gerster michelle_gerster

    going through the yabc hashtag,and find this pic!!! any chance you can make a cd copy for me?

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