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This is me infatuated and grounded.
This is me allowing something I cannot control to unfold naturally.
You're just waking up as I finally fall asleep, and even from the other side of our world, I swear you are right alongside me.
I miss you arching your back.
I miss how when you laugh,
you really fucking mean it.
We're too new for me to need.
I'm too old to be a fool again.
And this is too shallow to be underneath my skin even.
This is me acquiescing against instinct.
This is me not drowning a good thing before it has a chance to breathe.
I'm learning to let us burn -
either out
I don't mean to be intense.
I'm just hyperbolically thinking out loud,
too at peace with the only way I know how to be.
It's been so long since I've felt something deeply
that I'm grateful to be this afraid.
This is me pretending that I'm not afraid.
This is me saying
"I'll see you soon"
as if I've yet to take my eyes off of you.
You're fucking stunning.
This is me telling you that if whatever this is ended this instant,
my God,
I'm already better for it.
I no longer dream wildly.
And while the world tells me to never slow up, I love feeling content enough.
My goals are modest. I want us.
Peacefully. Every fucking day.
I've been through enough hell
to now savor the ways in which we fell.
J. Raymond #jraymond

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