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There's something sad inside and you're using it against me tonight. I'm tired of how fast we go from everything to nothing. All those drugs you've done.... I've done more. All those people you've hurt, I've hurt more and been hurt more. You push me away as if I won't actually fucking scorch some earth I've long since surrendered. Ok. Go.
We're prideful. There's only so many apologies I can scream sincerely. You're finally fast asleep. I'm alive. And all the rest of us deserves to die, before I ever acquiesce again. I'm over bending. How dare you chase me down the street to only tell me how awful I am.
I'm over feeling awful.
We're not the goddam same. I overextend in ways you never seem to recognize. But you did once. Early on, you felt the way I'd break. Now we're obligated, you think. Move on from me. Move on from everything. Take the best of us and reduce them. Let's fucking die, for real.
Let's give yourself something else to feel proud over losing.
Because I'd rather live an honest life full of regret, than anything half way contrived.
That's the honest-to-God thing with me, babe.....I'm so much better at the worst ways. Why compete?
You ruined us winning.
I'm taking my time to live now, again,
and I'm thankful for the lesson learned now, again.
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