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Depending on who you ask, the real villain in all of this isn’t Eddie Gallagher; it’s NCIS. There is no shortage of folks who count themselves on Eddie’s team that have no problem speaking out against NCIS and the role that they have played in this high-stakes fiasco. Why would NCIS want to see Eddie’s head roll? According to Eddie’s brother Sean, who spoke to Fox News in late November, the investigators wanted nothing more than to “take down” an “elite warrior” so that they could advance their own careers.

Echoes of these allegations of careerism and power plays come from elsewhere, and from those who have closer personal experience with the interaction between NCIS and the SEAL Teams. Former SEAL Drago Dzieran, who served 20 years in the teams, has been outspoken about Eddie’s treatment by NCIS. A native of Poland, he spent two years as a young man in a GULAG (communist prison) as punishment for his anti-communist activism. Dzieran maintains that the tactics originally used by NCIS in an attempt to break Eddie or attempt unsuccessfully to encourage him to admit to crimes that he did not commit are the same tactics utilized in Gestapo prisons.

There is no love lost between Dzieran and NCIS, and he had no qualms about sharing his disgust of NCIS. “They did a raid on Eddie’s house,” said Drago. “They waited until the mother left and stormed the house and took the children at gunpoint in their underwear and paraded them through the neighborhood.” It is the exact opposite, Dzieran said, of all that SEALs try to do in their precise and surgical missions overseas. He recounted the example of a specific breaching charge that he had developed for use by NSW which basically opened the door instead of blasting it. The objective was never to harm children, women, or civilians. “SEALs are self-selected and always so precise and careful.” This is the opposite from NCIS. “If someone like me, while serving as a SEAL in a combat zone, had treated women and children the way that NCIS treated Eddie’s family, I would be in prison today.”.
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