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Meaprep done and dusted 👏
I have a busy day tomorrow so thought id get my food prep done today 😉🙌 Im super excited to start my new bikini 3.0 challenge on monday. Prepping food in advance just makes it so much easier to stick to plan. I Love my new meal guide and cant wait to start 🥰
1600 calories
115P 172C 50F
M1- 65g freedom foods rice puffs (i have also swapped a few days to rolled oats) 30g protein, 70g banana and 250ml unsweetened almond milk
M2- 100g lean beef mince, 50g green beans and 50g rice cakes. (I am having half of the rice cakes in M2 and the other half in M4)
M3 - 135g chicken breast, 70g basmati rice and 100g brocolli. I made a healthy satay sauce from the bbr recipe book using peanut butter so subsituted my cashews from M4 to do this.
M4- i am going to have the other half of my rice cakes that i saved from M2 and i can have with 17g avocado with the left over macros
M5- I am going to make tomorrow but its 110g lean turkey mince, 75g sweet potato, 6g coconut oil and 100g non starch veg. I am going to make a yummy sweet potato shepherds pie🤤

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