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This isn't for those of you stronger.
The following lines have nothing to do with your ego. Shed your pretensions. You're not innocent.
To anyone bragging or boasting about not giving a fuck, in response to someone they once cared for - your lie is so transparent, I know your ghosts are still haunting. Ones only you'll believe in enough to see once you find humility.
We dispose of each other so flippantly these days, that I learned to fall deep in love with not quitting. I'm no longer sorry for not giving up before you. I'm so fucking empathetic to anyone struggling to move on. Your loyalty is so goddam attractive, that I wish I could give you what they grew indifferent to. I can't.
This is for you.
. .
We're seasonal now, it seems. Infatuated for a Spring. Never rebuilding broken things. Forever ready to replace one with the next,
readily available option.
Too distracted or spineless to bother tending our gardens.
Labeling those left behind as second best. Pretending that being dismissive and ambivalent is the same thing as strength.
I side with the heartbroken.
You're no fool for the hooks set in
which you're still feeling.
You're. Still. Feeling.
And if that isn't something this hellish world needs more of,
I have no idea what the hell actually is.
Whether you ever hear this shit from the one you need it most from -
I'm sorry.
You are forgiven.
I have a drink waiting with your name on it. We won't speak an ill word of those who no longer think of us. Instead,
let's toast to those who were once life saving, became life shaping,
and celebrate only our best moments
in their absence.
J. Raymond #jraymond

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