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1️⃣ This week Congressman Duncan Hunter invited Eddie’s lead defense counsel, Timothy Parlatore, to present members of Congress with a viewing of the video that has been used by Navy leadership to smear my husband. Tim was then able to answer all questions of the members who attended. Unsurprisingly to us, they ALL shared the same opinion after viewing the video... that it only shows Eddie doing exactly what he was trained to do, provide medical care, and that any portrayal of the video as evidence of wrongdoing is dishonest and an UNLAWFUL attempt to influence this case. 🤬😱
2️⃣ We learned late Wednesday night that a threatening note was sent to Eddie! As if that is not startling enough, even more concerning is the fact that Carl Prines of the Navy Times was notified of the threat BEFORE our family! 😮 Apparently leaking to the media is a bigger priority for the government than Eddie and our family’s safety. 🤯🤬 We cannot say enough how completely disappointed and surprised we are by the military’s complete lack of professionalism, respect for their ethical obligations, and the military justice system. If the military is failing us, then its failing military families across the world.😢😤😭
3️⃣ We are so excited to have shared the trailer of the documentary being created to cover Eddie’s service and this case. Gregg Phillips of Time for a Hero and his team have volunteered their time and resources to put this together. 🇺🇸🙏🏻 We cannot wait to see the finished project and are so thankful to them for their commitment to Eddie and our family. ♥️ •

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