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Flexibility requires a deep control of your muscles where there is simultaneously a profound release in one area and a stable contraction in another. Why is that possible in some parts of the body and infuriatingly difficult in others?

The nervous system.
A *major* part of flexibility training is reconfiguring the nervous system to allow for more movement. Simply changing the way that your brain talks to your body can allow for big changes in your available range AND it makes your body feel better and work better.
Working with the nervous system is focused practice. This 5-week series builds week to week providing tools to facilitate this deep dive into the root causes of chronic tightness.
I’m so excited to present this work for the first time that has made a massive difference in my own practice. Please come dive deep with me!

Thursday 8:30-9:45
May 2-30
$30/ session
Sign up in bio at @fitandbendy
Must commit to all 5 sessions to go down this rabbit hole

Happy bendings,

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