Instagram post by @lovelylincke Cynthia Lincke

Even on days when troubling things are happening in the world I still believe in humanity and our ability to do good. Devastated by the news from my homeland of a young child being killed and the killing of a suspect in her death. .. Both acts horrible ... Left me thinking about what else I can do in our world to truly effect change. ... Then, today I finally went to renew my driver’s license (getting older 🤫 ☺️)and sparked up conversations with a few people. In those conversations God just gently reminded me of the very kind and beautiful people still in our world. It starts with us. I made a few people laugh today, congratulated a young lady on getting her permit and wished a couple women happy birthday (April women are the bestest 🙃) and in those moments I too was able to laugh, be congratulated and celebrated. YOU be the light 💡, watch it shine and radiate in others. #encourage #motivate #inspire

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