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April 16, 2019:
Breakfast: one piece of avocado toast with ebtb and one buttered piece of toast. I am currently out of the bread I like if I’m not mistaken. Need to go to the grocery store soon. Lol. Water and coffee to drink. .
Snack: @clifbar yum!!!
Lunch: Cold plate with chicken salad, potato salad, and pimento cheese with fruit and a boiled egg! Water to drink. .
Snack: Venti iced caramel cloud macchiato with sugar free syrup. I wanted the pink drink, but they couldn’t make it. I think they may have been out of something. .
Workout: 5k run and walk to cool down. .
Dinner: Zaxby’s Blackened blue salad with ranch, water to drink, and a @siggisdairy yogurt. Love!
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