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Influence. We all have it. There is no need to depend on others to validate what you possess or wait for thousands of views and engagement to feel like you are someone special with a story to share. You are here, blessed with your own unique gift and the world needs what YOU have to offer. It’s important for us to make an impact on every life we come into contact with. If you have achieved success, please give back and sew seeds in your community.

Encourage others to chase their dreams or help so they can achieve them. Set a good example for the children who look up to you...teach them things you wish you knew at their age. It’s time to evaluate our own levels of contribution...can’t wait for the other guy to do it. There is someone, a small group or even thousands of people who look up to you. What are you doing with your influence? #rhetoricalquestion #powerofinfluence #beaninfluence #youareneeded #giveofyourself #10xrule #thinkandgrowrich #bethechangeyouwishtosee

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