Instagram post by @emzybillz Emily Billings

Ok, last #tbt post of our most recent trip to the Madonna Inn, I swear!
It has become our tradition to stay at the Madonna Inn every year in a new room, and I don't know how we lucked out to stay at the Swiss Bell room on such last minute reservations, but it was lovely 💕
In the late 1950s, Alex Madonna created the Madonna Inn as a quaint place for passers by to stay have have the comforts of home, and the ability to grab a late night meal.
Him and his wife began designing and naming the rooms each with a different look and theme, which includes rock walls/showers and custom stained glass windows.... I know this because I have watched their hotel video one million times 😍
Coming here is always like taking the most welcome step back in time, and I still have a long list of must-see rooms that I will need to check off in the future.
Have you had the pleasure of staying in this wonderland?

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