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Last week we talked about single arm farmer carries. This week it’s two-handed farmer carries.

A lot of injuries I see aren’t anything to do with working out; instead, they come from doing life activities the wrong way, over and over again. Because of this, exercise shouldn’t just be used to lose weight. It should make you healthier and less injury prone overall.

I mean really, how often do you carry things? Sometimes very heavy things? You COULD wing it and hope to make it where you’re going with no injuries. Or you could take your time and do it right. Doing it right every time means a healthier back and shoulders for life, by strengthening your core, shoulders, and grip.

1. BE AS TALL AS YOU CAN BE. Pretend you have a string tied to the top of your head, and someone is pulling you straight up. This keeps your head from poking forward. Staying upright makes sure the spine is in a good position, and your core is working.

2. KEEP CORE BRACED. By actively bracing your core you’re keeping your pelvis in the right position, which helps stabilize the spine.

3. DON’T LET THE SHOULDERS DROOP. Stay tight and try to be aware of your shoulder position. Keep your chest proud instead of letting your shoulders drop forward and down. Tight and even shoulders keep the spine in line as well.

4.WALK EVENLY ON YOUR FEET. This means walk heel to toe in a controlled manner, with toes pointing straight ahead. Don’t roll your pressure to the outside of your foot, or let your arches collapse in.

Start with light weight and get used to it before kicking the weight up. It’s tough to keep your body aligned - don’t rush it!

If these feel awkward, please have a coach check out your form! If farmer carries hurt, you should probably see a physical therapist to determine if they’re appropriate for you.

These are four necessary cues to start getting your farmer carries on track. Do you want to see more about these, or any other exercises?

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