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I have 1:1 coaching spots open! But wait, how can I be a fat weight loss coach!?
I’ve said it 100 times. I’ve been hiding. I don’t look like the Instagram girls with their fancy leggings and protein shake. ••
I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I eat my feelings. I let disappointments send me to the kitchen, or at least prevent me from moving forward and moving my body, even if I don’t eat.
Am I a fitness model with a 6-pack and big story to tell and sell you on? No. ••
Have I figured out the perfect weight loss formula and created a diet plan with my name on it? No. ••
But, I understand every feeling you have. ••
I’ve been there. I’ve lost and gained back 100+ pounds. I have re-started my journey on more Mondays than I can count. I have failed. ••
It’s time to lose it for us the last time. It’s time for you to put yourself first and join me. ••
This time it won’t be a quick fix or full-speed ahead to soon crap out and get discouraged. It will be small goals to build confidence in my promises to myself and my health. I will handle my emotions differently. I will eliminate the people in my life that make me sad. ••
Who is ready? Message me for details or comment below! 👇

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