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Everyone that worked with The Duke, aka John Wayne over his long and varied career had something to say about him.

Ron Howard.
"My most useful acting tip came from my pal John Wayne. ‘Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much’"
Films together: The Shootist (1976)

Dennis Hopper
“This one day he arrived on the set of True Grit, and he wanted to know where “that Pinko Hopper was hiding.” He was walking around with a gun at his hip, but I think he wanted to have a political discussion, as opposed to committing actual manslaughter! (laughs) Anyway, nothing ever came of it. That was just Duke.”
Films together: True Grit (1969)

Kirk Douglas
“I did four movies with John Wayne. We were a strange combination. He was a Republican and I was a Democrat. We argued all the time.”
“John Wayne was a star because he always played John Wayne. Frankly, he wasn’t an excellent actor, but good heavens, what a star! It wasn’t John Wayne who served the roles; the roles served John Wayne.”
Films together: In Harm's Way (1965), The War Wagon (1967) and Cast a Giant Shadow (1966)

Maureen O Hara
“Speaking as an actress, I wish all actors would be more like Duke and speaking as a person, it would be nice if all people could be honest and as genuine as he is. This is a real man.”
Films Together: The Quiet Man (1952), McLintock! (1963) ,Wings of Eagles (1957), and Big Jake (1971), Rio Grande (1950)

Robert Mitchum
“John Wayne had four-inch lifts in his shoes. He had the overheads on his boat accommodated to fit him. He had a special roof put in his station wagon. The son of a b* * *h, they probably buried him in his goddamn lifts.”
"Sure I was glad to see John Wayne win the Oscar ... I'm always glad to see the fat lady win the Cadillac on TV, too."
Films together: El Dorado (1966), The Longest Day (1962)

Charlton Heston
"There are actors who can do period roles, and actors who can't . . . God knows, John Wayne couldn't play a first-century Roman!"
Films together: The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

Jeffrey Hunter
"I was told I had arrived when, during the shooting of The Searchers , they gave me almost as much ammunition as they gave John Wayne."
Films together: The Searchers (1956)

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