Instagram post by @farrah_kv Farrah Velazquez

This is the latest gem I’ve added to my completed bookshelf: number 7 out of this year’s goal of 18. As for the book, all I can say is this woman is a force of nature. I’m so impressed by her devotion to her family and her drive and elegance in the face of whatever comes her way. It was a pleasure learning more about Mrs. Obama’s family and her childhood in Chicago, and I loved reading about her and Barack’s love story that seems like it is still very much being written. She’s a real person who cares about people and making a difference in the world. It makes me feel better knowing there are people like her out there using their education and ability to help others. She may no longer be the First Lady (major sad face about that), but I have a feeling she’s not done changing the world.

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