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Here I give a step-by-step exercise for you to master this kick.
This exercise is divided into two parts:
The first is a little bit simpler, doing the kick from the back leg in the ginga and stepping ;
the second part starts with the kick from the back leg then as soon as you touch the foot back into the position hopping and striking with front leg, then the spinning kick.
The both parts are based on the ideas of:
breaking the move down in to parts and simplify them;
slowing down;
stretching it up;
Thinking about the role of breathing in the movement;
Let me know how you manage to do this exercise, tag me and I will give you some feed back.
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  • 5w ago chavila01 chavila01

    Thank you so mich

  • 4w ago angelusurbanus angelusurbanus

    Is this exactly the same as 'chapa' which is the name I learnt in my first capoeira school, or are there any differences?

  • 4w ago mestrepedrosenzala mestrepedrosenzala

    @angelusurbanus Not really. You will see a lot of moves that have different names depending on group or region of Brazil. Chapa for me was done similarly but with the hands of the floor

  • 4w ago gigacapu gigacapu

    Seria um prazer treinar com vc irmão! Quando passar por orlando de um toque. Salve!

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