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I absolutely love this car, it's probably the slowest car i've ever chosen to modify but for a few years before i bought this car i wasn't enjoying messing with cars at all.
I was really struggling with my personality disorder and decided to sell every car i owned but i always felt like something was missing so i thought back to a time where i enjoyed it the most, right back when i first started driving. When i had a simple car.

So i went out to buy something i could modify that was easy to work on and reliable and i couldn't think of anything better than a K11 Micra.
It's been the best thing i've ever done, people take the piss everyday about it but this car brought me out of a dark place. I think as car enthusiasts we get so wrapped up in trying to have the fastest and coolest car ever that sometimes we just forget to have fun and actually use them.

You don't need 600bhp to fun.

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