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i told you guys i would keep you guys updated on my fistula!

my docs said it would be very hard to get the fistula to work in my arm cause my veins are very scarred and i have tiny I would need to exercise my arm with a stress ball.
but luckily ,they made it work.

they wanted me to come back to see if the fistula was “maturing”,meaning getting larger or if they could feel a buzzing feeling.
I came back they said it was doing better than the thought it would be . but the would need to do a fistula-gram.
a fistulogram is a special x-ray procedure. It uses contrast (x-ray dye) to look at the blood flow in your fistula or graft (dialysis access). This procedure can check to see if it is blocked or if there is any narrowing (stenosis). after the procedure I was in a lot of pain but my doctor said he had a hard time getting in there because I’m so small. i had some bleeding ,but it was in to my soft tissue so he said that is ok.
that is what all the bruising is from.

i will go back in about 3-4weeks and they will move the fistula so it will be easier to access for the nurses (about a 5in incision to move it)

thank you guys for being so supportive with me through this
i will keep you guys updated !
- allison
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