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I have a confession... I'm not really a fan of wine... That's not to say that I will not make drinks featuring it as I'm pretty sure there is some big wine cocktail lovers out there πŸ₯‚. I've made a few so far & I'm going to be totally honest & say this is the best one I have had so far. If I owned a bar or was creating a menu then this would definitely feature on it. It packs a punch this drink I'd describe it as like a rum French 75 kind of drink. The flavour of the rum comes through the fruit juices nicely & the bubbles really takes it up a level 🍾. Very glad I got around to making this drink & it will be my go to wine cocktail for now on until I can find another one better. Do you have any wine/champagne cocktail suggestions?.
60ml 2oz Gold rum (Appleton signature)
15ml 1/2oz Fresh orange juice
15ml 1/2oz Fresh Lime juice
7ml 1/4oz Honey syrup
Sparkling wine/champagne.
Add all ingredients expect wine/champagne to a shaker filled with ice then shake until chilled. Strain into a champagne flute then top up with wine/champagne them garnish with orange peel 🍊.
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