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hi and thank u
i’m tryna stay present and decompress and enjoy this moment in real life but also, i had to come on to say thank u a million times because fuck 🖤💻 still not finished processing any of it ...... thank u


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    YOU deserve this . I'm so proud 🖤❤🖤❤

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    Thank u, Next! :D

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    i love you

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    Hey im a small singer wanting to grow my account and show my talent. It would mean so much if y'all can take some time and check out my page ♡♡

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    u deserve the hole universe 🌑🖤

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    Ariana i love you 😍

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    I’m Victoria my Home is in Poland

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    state cp fame

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    あなたは!!音楽・おんがく の!!歴史・れきし を!!すべて!!塗り替えた・ぬりかえた!!新たな・あらた な!!記録・きろくや!!歴史や!!全て・すべて に!!おいて!!世界一!!宇宙一!!そして!!愛らしい!!。。。なんでしょう!!あなたのその無限・むげんの魅力!!!:)XOXO

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    “the most dominant figure in pop music” YES💕

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    Hey Ariana! I love you so much and u are my idol lol. 💜 I have a question tho. Have u ever thought about going back to acting?

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Subscribe to me on YouTube. Look up Sara Betterly

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    ❤️You’re amazing! I love you SO much! 💜

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