Instagram post by @kindredskitchen Kajal

You might have seen on my story yesterday that my mum made idli - this is a South Indian dish typically made with steamed rice, semolina and lentils, and eaten with a dahl (you can see this + the process for making them on my dinner highlights) 🌱
Today we used the leftover idli to make these burgers. The idli became the ‘buns’ and then we filled with tomato, orange bell pepper, avocado and beetroot. 🌱
It’s a fusion of Indian and American cuisines — and is so versatile as can be eaten with any fillings you like—next time I’d put TOFU AND TAHINI in this. It’s also very nutritious as the lentils give the ‘buns’ added protein and the rice or semolina is a good source of carbs. 🌱
What do you guys think? Have you ever had idli? What would you put in an idli burger? I’d love to hear your thoughts 💚💚

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