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    Go girl! You can do this. Don’t let anyone bring you down just because you are different. It doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what YOU say.
    I’m fully support you and will be here always to give you support. You will be fine and I know you are gonna kick some @ss
    You are such a role model to a lot of athletes.
    And don’t let ANYONE take and break your shine because you are great and amazing.
    Don’t give up!❤️

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    Пиздец .....

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    Fine fine 😍 love and support to you, sib!!

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    @chakibhazaimia 🤣

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    @chakibhazaimia infantile.

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    @zavifreeborn nique ta mere

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    Does anyone think there should be a category for androgynous, hermaphrodites, or people who don’t quite exist squarely in the female or male gender but really by all accounts and measures seem to be somewhere in the middle? Obviously, I struggle to find the correct word, so forgive my ignorance. Initially when I heard the story of the industry judges wanting her to take meds to block her testosterone, I thought it was some racist sexist bullsh*t, but I have to be honest with what my eyes see. She is clearly not a woman in the way that I am a woman; she is the most manly woman I have ever seen and if it’s natural, she deserves to be in a special category for athletes like her, that are a mix of both, I think it’s fair.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ she has pais.

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    @x.chandre.pretorius.x no it doesn't. Pro sports need enforced standards or there will be no more

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    @lagerfunk love, she was born with it. And taking her testosterone away is violating her human rights. She deserves to be who she is but now the world just can’t take the lose against this amazing athlete
    But okay let her have the treatment, it won’t do anything because she has worked hard for her strength and her speed and will still beat everyone.
    I understand where you are coming from but it is absolutely unfair and should not be enforced.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ That's absolutely terrible. You can't define a woman based on yourself. She didn't become the way she is on purpose it was natural. She was born a woman and just because she's better than all the other women that doesn't make her a man. So you're basically saying that in order for a woman to be phenomenal at something she can't be a woman she's a man since she's absolutely brilliant and outstanding!?!

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    YOU ARE A STAR🔥 @castersemenya800m

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    @nyahariel no, you missed my point on many levels, that’s okay, have a nice life.

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    @lagerfunk what’s that?

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. Google it she's male intersex

  • 2w ago ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ ebony_x_dat_slave_name_

    @lagerfunk ok. Makes sense. I already know a little about it. I had a pediatric patient with that once and I read a book about it called Intersex. So yeah, they have to do something to make it fair...but what is the question.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ she has to take t suppressants for 6 months min. Court order verdict from lawsuit

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    @lagerfunk hmmm if I was in her shoes, I’d struggle to do that. I believe in her right to be who she is...but it ain’t fair for her to play against women with average levels of testosterone. This is a moment for activism.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ It is very fair because she is still a woman. We don’t all have the same level of testosterone not estrogen. This also erases the fact that she worked hard for her achievements. I have a post I could send you that could be more helpful towards this topic.

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    @v.ashti I don’t agree. Are you familiar with a bell curve? If she is outside the bell curve in relation to her testosterone levels when you compare her to other women...this is an unfair advantage because by all intents and purposes, testosterone is what makes a man and man, not merely the Y chromosome. Transmen don’t become men, by changing their genes, they become men through the use of testosterone and vice versa...your explanation is overly simplistic.

  • 2w ago v.ashti v.ashti

    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ She is a woman by birth. You’re comparing apples and oranges. The Y chromosome is literally the only thing that decides man between woman, at birth. There will be physical and emotional consequences to changing her testosterone levels to please the “requirements” of others. I will not argue over the body of another person. I can only send you information that supports why I believe she should be free to compete against other women. Simple.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ she has a y chromosome. Shes an underdeveloped intersex male with PAIS. Internal testes, no uterus nor phallopian tubes.

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    @lagerfunk really?! So what the hell are we even talking about?!

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ lol but i already told you, please read up partial androgen insensivity syndrome and google her rulings and case. She's an intersex male.

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    @lagerfunk thanks I will:-)

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    Cover of forbes Africa‼️💯💣. Was interviewed for that one **u are a true inspiration.... 🙏🙏💯👌

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    @v.ashti it’s not the same and no real athlete would ever say it is. A man is physically faster, stronger and bigger than a woman. Y’all activists have gotten completely out of hand. That’s why in mma we have people changing their gender and nearly killing the other women. It’s fucking ridiculous. The fact that you people are happy that so many women who had to work so hard are having all their glory and hard work ruined by somebody who was physically born another gender which has caused them to be bigger faster and stronger. Taking hormones for 6 months doesn’t change the shape of your joints, your muscle density, your muscle structure etc. Go watch the fighters that have transitioned before and after and tell me if it’s talent or just being a man that allows them to win. None of them were any good as men yet magically are all time greats after transitioning. And I promise it’s not because women are less talented in MMA. I’m tired of this shit. Too many people work too hard to achieve these goals.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ there should be any category there as only two genders

  • 2w ago ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ ebony_x_dat_slave_name_

    @husbandofcoco thank you for sharing. I agree with everything you said. Recognizing someone is different is not discrimination, it’s intelligent. Any thoughts on how the industry could handle @castersemenya800m in a way that’s fair to her and to the women she competes against? It sounds like you don’t believe taking the testosterone-blocking meds is enough

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ what an extremely ignorant and insensitive comment to make women come and all shapes sizes we ALL look different the way she dresses and wears her hair is what you may be referring when you say she looks like manly women WHATEVER THAT MEANS but I see a strong beautiful black women who is not conforming to what is expected of her as a women you should rethink your statement hunny

  • 2w ago ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ ebony_x_dat_slave_name_

    @officialalanasoul oh shut up. Either you blind or you’re a fool, if you don’t think she looks like a man. Good bye.

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    @ebony_x_dat_slave_name_ well I think the ideal thing is to either compete with men or against other male to female transitioned athletes. I think there’s very little you can do to change the fact that she has fast twitch muscle fibers, bigger joints, however many years of muscle development with testosterone before taking medicine, etc. I’m not for discriminating against trans athletes but there’s a reason you’re not seeing any females transition to male and set world records it’s only males transition to females. There’s a reason the male bench press record is literally twice the women’s record and it’s got nothing to do with talent or work ethic. I think it’s important to protect the biological women’s bodies and achievement from the inherent disadvantage their at. The same way the WNBA was created and they didn’t just throw women into the NBA. There’s no reason we can’t find funding for trans olympics or trans sports leagues based on how “inspired” all these people in the comments are claiming to be.

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    @husbandofcoco everything you said makes since, sometimes I wonder why we have to share a planet with such simpletons...

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    @chakibhazaimia again you show how childish you are. Keep responding... continue to show the world how much of a pathetic juvenile you are.

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    @zavifreeborn your mama

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    @chakibhazaimia keep going 🙄 imbecile

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    Just fine 😩😍

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    Caster I love you❤️ I am french

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