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#SUPERMUD clearing treatment

To me masking is a crucial part of my skincare routine.
I like to use many different masks but the one mask I without doubt reach for the most often is my @glamglow @glamglowuk supermud clearing treatment!

How has it helped me?
1. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, renewed and clean after using it
2. My pores seem so much less clogged than before
3. My blemishes literally dry up like a raisin (this is the number 1 reason I love this stuff)

If you have oily skin, blemish prone with big pores this mask is 100% what you need. It’s SO worth it!

#notanad it’s my own personal opinion and bought this product with my own money🖖🏼 #skincare #blemishes #bigpores #pimples #mask #GLAMGLOW #GLAMGLOWUK #problemskin #SUPERMUD

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