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Join us TONIGHT our SEASON FINALE of #FindingJusticeBET on @BET.
Our goal was to create a docu-series that was compelling, provocative and informed.
My ask wasn’t that you agree with everything we presented, but rather that you never rushed to snap judgements, watch the series, then have open dialogue on what’s best course of action and how do we improve on these critical issues in our struggling communities across the US.
Thanks again for joining us and thank you to ALL the change makers who participated in our series.
TONIGHT @8pm on @BET


  • 3d ago xx__train__xx xx__train__xx

    @lori.camille obviously the people living in these places with no plans of leaving or bettering themselves. I think I see what you're doing here. No it isn't about race so don't pull that shit.

  • 3d ago lori.camille lori.camille

    @xx__train__xx I just asked a question. And thank you for the clarification. Further, Watch your mouth, and don’t curse at me. Don’t be sensitive about things that you didn’t “really” mean them to be about.

  • 3d ago xx__train__xx xx__train__xx

    @lori.camille awww I'm sorry precious. Internet make you sad today?

  • 3d ago lori.camille lori.camille

    @xx__train__xx welcome to the block party dummy. Keep being a fool and trolling folks. 😂 Weirdo. Poor poor weirdo.

  • 3d ago lariissaolis lariissaolis

    Preciso de ajuda, para ajudar outras pessoas!

  • 3d ago do.ug4573 do.ug4573

    Cant wait

  • 3d ago tyreefromnc tyreefromnc

    Freddy Gray most likely had lead poisoning which causes permanent brain damage. Man, thank you so much for using your platform to speak for the voiceless.

  • 2d ago adverstising_world adverstising_world


  • 2d ago shaeby_thebod shaeby_thebod

    @therock does this show air in Australia?

  • 2d ago hairbyloretta89 hairbyloretta89

    WOW! I didn't know about this either. Looking forward to it!

  • 2d ago officialmr5p officialmr5p

    Whoever likes this will be rich and successful💯🙏🔥

  • 2d ago xdflexinxd xdflexinxd

    Is this only about paint ?? I just wondering cuz i feel like you just letting your child eating paint or some other shit. Its not about color of your skin makes your child safety.its about you watching you child for her or his safety. Like of that guy said let the paint taste like candy. Its sounds like your not watching your child. This goes for any adult. The paint well only change your childs health not their future. Just saying i hope i well not get hatted for what i said.

  • 2d ago xdflexinxd xdflexinxd

    @xdflexinxd also cant blame other things for your child health. The child health is on the adults hands

  • 2d ago kobamcnair kobamcnair

    Help your children

  • 2d ago _akeira._ _akeira._

    @xx__train__xx ur fucking stupid🤦🏾‍♀️ I wish u were in our place, I wish u were a black man or girl for a day. then u wouldn’t have to say any of this.

  • 2d ago xx__train__xx xx__train__xx

    @_akeira._ it's a black thing? I'm not talking about race. But if someone wants to give me a free place to live I'm game 🤗

  • 2d ago _akeira._ _akeira._

    @xx__train__xx don’t wanna waste my time on u at this point.Live ur life. I wish u the best.

  • 2d ago xx__train__xx xx__train__xx

    @_akeira._ yes it is way past your bed time..

  • 2d ago _akeira._ _akeira._

    @xx__train__xx I hope uk im not the person on my profile pic🤦🏾‍♀️

  • 2d ago xx__train__xx xx__train__xx

    @_akeira._ i would say that too if I looked like that

  • 2d ago _akeira._ _akeira._

    @xx__train__xx ok

  • 2d ago smk_0002 smk_0002


  • 2d ago coolbeans__92 coolbeans__92

    @smk_0002 now I wish you didn’t get rid of that cable!

  • 1d ago _.cube.arena._ _.cube.arena._


  • 1d ago esekafashiongangs esekafashiongangs


  • 1d ago bioncashontay bioncashontay

    @kevin_shannon2019 i just love when white folks think they can tell us what affects us and why 🤣🤣🤣

  • 1d ago tapilotestela3 tapilotestela3


  • 23h ago tara_xx_xx_xxlove tara_xx_xx_xxlove

    @samueltorresiii exactly

  • 22h ago babylon_willfall babylon_willfall

    Are u serious right now! Black lives!! Wtf is wrong with u people!! Its poverty not racism why make everything about that! #wakethefuckup #sleepingsheep and know that @therock is just trying to push an agenda bc hes told too! Hes in the #illuminati aka serves #satan

  • 21h ago boydee63 boydee63

    I think I need to watch this...thankyou for making ppl aware of this...

  • 21h ago clynch54 clynch54

    It’s a sin that this shit even exists!!

  • 16h ago atabaev_a atabaev_a

    @therock Good evening, how can I help these people? answer me please

  • 16h ago atabaev_a atabaev_a

    @therock Good evening, how can I help these people? answer me please

  • 16h ago mariadelcarmennagel mariadelcarmennagel


  • 9h ago ms.d.allday ms.d.allday

    Wish it was On Netflix. @netflix please show this ... thank you

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