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Minutes after the second storm of the day passed from the north over Kunduz City. It left streets flooded and the southern edges of gardens piled with hailstones. It was the first time a group of 10-year-old boys I spoke to in the street had seen the stones of ice. If you look closely in the bottom left corner, there's a man trying to keep his shoes dry by Spider-manning his way across a brick wall. One week after this photo was taken the Taliban mounted an attack on the city from several directions. Fighting continued for 48 hours and the Kunduz Regional Hospital received dozens of casualties caught in the fighting, but the insurgents' push was ultimately quelled by government forces. Photo: @andrewquilty / @vu_photo for @foreignpolicymag. 5.4.2019. #kunduz #afghanistan #storm


  • 5w ago siobhan_heanue siobhan_heanue

    Took a while to find Spider-Man but it was worth it 😂

  • 5w ago hendrik.lohuis hendrik.lohuis

    Splendid photo!

  • 5w ago peter_park_here peter_park_here

    spotted peter parker. by the by- your posts are a constant reminder to be grateful, humble and to live with love.

  • 5w ago naseri23k naseri23k

    It took me 5 minutes to find the spider-manning man 😂

  • 5w ago damianogreco damianogreco


  • 5w ago robert.d26 robert.d26


  • 5w ago kelly_a_hamilton kelly_a_hamilton

    How did the kids react to the ice falling from the sky? Did they attribute it to the weather, or question its origin? Great shot.

  • 5w ago kaiykym kaiykym

    Afghanistan is amazing 🤩✨

  • 5w ago andrewquilty andrewquilty

    I think they knew it was a thing. They just hadn't seen it for themselves before, @kelly_a_hamilton

  • 5w ago fn19972001 fn19972001

    My Land...

  • 5w ago kouzeli_christina kouzeli_christina

    Such a beautiful piece 🔥

  • 5w ago alexandra_durie_ alexandra_durie_

    Just curious which language you spoke to the the kids, Dari or Pashto?

  • 5w ago samxdavies samxdavies

    Feeling like I’m playing Where’s Wally looking for the spidermanning man

  • 2w ago muzhugk muzhugk

    Kunduz jan, this is the one thing I don’t miss- the fighting and the floods 💔

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