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Also, just wanted to say this lunch that I had last week was soooo good. I had boiled broccoli and brussel sprouts with GRILLED tomatoes and sesame tofu with a drizzle of tahini and some avo. •
The sesame tofu also had soya sauce, paprika and lemon juice for some extra flavour. I’ve really been loving grilling things at the moment - bread is also sooo good grilled and beats the toaster! Taking advantage of this while I’m at home as I don’t have a grill at uni 😂

Also in the middle of the dish I have leftover curried veggies made by my mum which had cauliflower, sweet potato and bell pepper. •

I really just love throwing together random ingredients together to make a meal— by no means does this tofu ‘match’ with the curried veggies in theory but ehh 🤷‍♀️ I like it so I’m eating it!! •
Have you had any strange ‘throw together’ meals recently? What’s a random combo you love that is seen as odd?

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