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Worked on hip openers yesterday with @cyogalife. From the training, I’m taking away a lot of thoughtful sequencing techniques to help prepare the body to access this pose. Reclining #legbehindthehead or #ekapadasirsasana is a peak pose that relies on a lot of external hip rotation. The preparation for this pose involved a lot of LONG holds in standing bend-knee poses. I learned that really exhausting the muscles around the hip first is key. When the “boss” muscles of the hips and leg are exhausted, they can’t fight back when you move into this pose.
Just a note: after this hip opening session, my low back, hips and legs felt AMAZING. I build up a lot of tension from sitting (anybody else?!), and the sequencing of this was like a physical therapy session for my hips/low back/pelvis.
Swipe to see the failed attempt at #durvasasana 🎉 .
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