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I’m tired.
If you haven’t heard - Instagram is now officially demoting “vaguely inappropriate” content.
They’ve been doing this for a long time now but they’re been denying it and people haven’t wanted to believe us. But now it’s official and with that it will most likely be happening even more frequently and severely. As in - people running accounts like mine being permanently demoted (which we’ve been referred to as a shadow ban up until now) - or having our accounts completely disabled/deleted. For many of us our Instagrams are a huge part of our livelihood and since Tumblr has also completely tanked it’s getting nearly impossible to delegate traffic to our websites and Patreons and so on.
Which is just absolutely hypocritical because one of the main reasons all of these platforms became so big is because of creators like me posting content that can be deemed “vaguely inappropriate” 🙄. I’m not sure what the future holds but I know for sure one of the reasons this is happening is because nobody listened to us when we were telling everyone about FOSTA/SESTA and people didn’t care because it didn’t affect them personally - but SURPRISE it does now!
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