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Living in Mary Winchester has been the adventure of a lifetime. I’ve loved every second with every fiber of my being, and adore every person I had the honor to stand alongside more than they’ll ever know. Thank you for the privilege to have been, and hopefully to remain, a member of the #SPNFamily, a gift in itself beyond measure. And can I say, what a sendoff?! Just...thank you.
All my love. 🔥
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  • 1w ago amaraintilua amaraintilua

    Like it made no sense, the way she was all over Jack when he was clearly distressed; the fact that everyone wanted Nick dead but oh, the way Jack killed him was “oh so awful”, I didn’t understand that.. and then the tragic dead of Mary Winchester. I get that the plot had to move forward and there’s no more evil guys to bring along, but now we’re left with Jack and his soulless schizophrenia 😂 But... seriously, was it because you had to go somewhere else?? I agree with some of the comments, everyone should have another appearance in the final season 😘

  • 1w ago mr_bald_eagle mr_bald_eagle

    It’s hard to see a character, that has become a part of your life leave the show! You’ll be missed on the show! #spnfamily

  • 1w ago bwiggs226 bwiggs226

    It was an honour seeing you back into the series a few seasons ago, hope everything well and hope the last season is good!

  • 1w ago virlaze virlaze


  • 1w ago shelahsuar shelahsuar

    Thank you. We love you❤💞

  • 1w ago rey_sofficial rey_sofficial

    I'll die if you'll end the show😭😭 @cw_supernatural @jensenackles @jaredpadalecki @misha

  • 1w ago rey_sofficial rey_sofficial

    I'll die if you'll end the show😭😭 @cw_supernatural @jensenackles @jaredpadalecki @misha

  • 1w ago rey_sofficial rey_sofficial

    I'll die if you'll end the show😭😭 @cw_supernatural @jensenackles @jaredpadalecki @misha

  • 1w ago brusanttanarealoff brusanttanarealoff

    😢 Tá de Sacanagem comigo só pode . Sograaaaaaaaaaaa te amoooo ❤️

  • 1w ago rebeccawilliams969 rebeccawilliams969

    Will miss you!! 😘

  • 1w ago elysian_83 elysian_83

    I had to wait a few days to get up the nerve to watch this episode.....I knew it was going to be a hard one 😢 you brought so much to the show as Mary, you will be missed very much 💔 #spnfamily forever!

  • 1w ago ethanmbofficial ethanmbofficial

    I love how they ended Mary’s storyline. Accidentally killed by Jack, likely the final thing to push him off the edge and sever him from his human side. With all the deaths and resurrections this one needed to have more complex emotional elements at stake for it to have the toll it did. Bravo 👏🏻

  • 1w ago sloanschild sloanschild


  • 1w ago halfunit384 halfunit384

    I just watched Absence today...Omygosh, I wish I hadn’t been on the treadmill, it was hard to breathe and cry, and try to be rational and not fall and bust my face open! Thank you for giving us Mary ❤️

  • 1w ago snezha_yarovaya snezha_yarovaya

    My heart is broken 😢 love you so much💜😭

  • 1w ago vjack07 vjack07

    Going to miss you on this show more than words can explain. Having such a strong woman on television was/is truly needed. It’s unfair, first Wayward Sisters, now you?? 😭😭. YOU are Supernatural. #marywinchester

  • 6d ago spartano1205 spartano1205


  • 6d ago kehmds kehmds

    I miss you 😭😭😭

  • 6d ago dawnlaura30 dawnlaura30

    @samsmithgrams it’s been a week for us and I wonder: has it been easy to let Mary go? She’s been a large part of you and us for so long. Was letting go difficult?

  • 5d ago onefeistybrunette onefeistybrunette

    Even though Mary grew quite hard to like in the last two seasons, I have to say, I'll miss seeing @samsmithgrams on Supernatural. Sam was absolutely wonderful, especially when she portrayed Mary in the first few seasons. I will miss you, Sam, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will miss Mary Winchester, as well. 💕

  • 5d ago iraddario iraddario

    Thank you for Mary winchester ❤️

  • 5d ago deedecharan deedecharan

    Oh no so she was killed by Jack ? 🤦🏾‍♀️ Heart broken ♥️ love Mary Winchester

  • 5d ago breezeballj_b3 breezeballj_b3

    😢😢😢 I was ecstatic about you being back on the show and now completely heart broken that you're gone once again.

  • 5d ago annina_winchester annina_winchester

    🔝♥️Sei fantastica

  • 5d ago max.madness17 max.madness17

    I’m gonna miss you and Mary!! You’ll always be part of the family to me.

  • 4d ago advilsongomesjr advilsongomesjr

    Thank you, best mother and best hunter, everlasting Mary winchester ❤❤❤

  • 4d ago h.r_kalaan h.r_kalaan

    14 years of experience. 14 years of loyalty to this show. 14 years of love instead of hate in a dark world. THANK YOU SAM. You're our mom too. ❤️

  • 4d ago dlynchie dlynchie

    Wow! U will b missed! I luvd seeing u on the show. Another absolutely beautiful, strong woman to watch with aww! I will miss that incredible smile & those eyes. I swear that loving look u give is priceless. Wat I wouldn't give to see u glance at me like that just once! #luvmarywinchester

  • 4d ago julianarogue julianarogue

    Sentirei sua falta ):

  • 4d ago talentosoabv talentosoabv

    @gailnorc creo que sí ya fue el adiós total o?

  • 3d ago princessofthe50s princessofthe50s


  • 3d ago gailnorc gailnorc

    @talentosoabv siu 😱😱😱

  • 3d ago mylifeiskindaok mylifeiskindaok

    by far one of of my favorite characters on this show. so glad that we got to go on this journey with you. you will be missed ❤️❤️

  • 3d ago cancermoon_x cancermoon_x

    Not ashamed to admit I cried during both episodes. Miss you already, mama bear. 😭 Come back soon, you hear? 💔

  • 2d ago wife_of_a_farmer_63 wife_of_a_farmer_63


  • 2d ago shestak.r shestak.r

    Не уходи Мэри!

  • 2d ago manu_borgesco manu_borgesco

    We will miss you,Mary❤️👏

  • 1d ago orange__anya orange__anya

    Omgggg I’m watching this series and I’m crying so much 😭😭😭💔 I will be missing for Mary.

  • 10h ago patricinhaveiga23 patricinhaveiga23

    Love you

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