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Today the government dropped two counts of making false official statements against Navy Seal LT. Jacob Portier, Eddie’s seal platoon OIC. 💥👊🏻💥

These charges were based on the allegations that Eddie’s platoon told LT Portier in Iraq that Eddie had committed war crimes, and that he did nothing to punish Eddie for them —> This is NOT TRUE! In fact, LT Portier was NEVER told in Iraq about these “war crimes” because THEY NEVER HAPPENED. 🤯🤬

It wasn’t until the platoon returned home that these lies were crafted, and then reported to Eddie’s Command - OVER A YEAR LATER 🤯‼️

Why were these allegations not brought to leadership’s attention until after the deployment ended? Because there is NO basis in fact for the charges against Eddie and those that made these false accusations continue to make up LIES to lend credibility to their false stories. 🤥 •

This is EXACTLY what we as a family have asserted from the very beginning‼️ The charges against Eddie are based on LIES - Double / Triple / Quadruple hearsay statements by disgruntled Millennial SEALs hell bent on smearing my Husband and the TRUTH will come out! 💯🇺🇸🙏🏻 #FREEEDDIE


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  • 1w ago pro.2a pro.2a

    @mrskorba thank you for the background

  • 1w ago jjtodermann jjtodermann

    This whole ordeal is disappointing in so many levels for me - that team members would go after eachother, that lies are given any credence, and that the presumption of innocence and exemplary service record of Eddie are so cavalierly cast aside. In a word: bullshit.

  • 1w ago medic18dc medic18dc

    Justice will be served, and Eddie will walk free, and Karma will have its day with those that falsely accuse.

  • 1w ago runningmperformancehorses runningmperformancehorses

    Stay tuff ma’am you got got this and your in our prayers 💯🇨🇱🇺🇸

  • 1w ago whos_jo whos_jo

    Hopefully this is good news for Eddie.???

  • 1w ago pro.2a pro.2a

    @echo_jeff03 appreciate the insight. Seemed like a contradiction, like ❄️ SEALS or something

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    @danimac1980 💜

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    @gypsyheart_143 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    I pray for you all constantly and will continue to pray the liars are exposed!

  • 1w ago cjbess197 cjbess197

    The seals on his platoon just did that because they're jealous of him and what he's became. So they try to ruin his life but its all backfiring on them and im glad. This man didnt deserve this . I hope the ones who lied on this hero goes down hard

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    What are the accusing Eddie of specifically? I’ve read a couple different accusations ?? I

  • 1w ago echo_jeff03 echo_jeff03

    @pro.2a they probably are. Every branch has their bad apples brotha

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    Millennials are spoiled brats who need a hard ass-kicking!

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    This is good news

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    There are so many things that anger me by the treatment your family has been given. From NCIS to the unjust and abusive application of UCMJ. This is nothing more than a power play by the military to discredit an honorable man. He is not a risk of flight. The reasoning of intimidation of witness is laughable. After losing a son to a completely avoidable tragedy and the cover up that ensued to protect their precious asses I an not surprised by this behavior at all. NCIS is a bunch of buffoons and the JAGs office and his command are bullies. I pray everyday for you all and weep that my son gave his life so these people could fuck with so many lives. God by with you all. I am here to help in anyway I can

  • 1w ago dmat2670 dmat2670

    Drop them all he is a war hero

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    Keep going

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    I agree it's a shit show

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    Never ever again shall I Place the trust I have had on our Military! Wow, growing a Navy kid, I felt so safe. Never again! #shameNavy #shameUSNavy #shameUSMilitary #freeEddie

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    This pisses me off!!!! A war hero needs to be released ASAP!!!! People need to come together and demand his release in San Diego!!!!

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    This is why I HATE F#CKING LAWYERS

  • 1w ago quiverfullmdm quiverfullmdm

    The truth will set Eddie and his family free from the devastating lies of others

  • 1w ago rob.penman rob.penman

    For what your husband has sacrificed for his country and to be thrown under a bus the way he has is disgraceful. All the best for your positive outcome

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    About Fuckin Time

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    "Millennial seals" get real

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    @jonathan.p.w I’d be willing to bet they never thought it would get this big! That their files would be cleaned and everything swept under the rug so to say!!

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    @roemerlaurent According to them Eddie pushed them too far. One SEAL fired an AT4 so many times that he suffered brain trauma. They were tired of it and complained, to which Gallagher accused them of cowardice. The whole thing is just bad.

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    @rcrenshaw_23 what happened to them? Still SEALs?

  • 4d ago roemerlaurent roemerlaurent

    @anthony_od_rivera which insta pages?

  • 4d ago rcrenshaw_23 rcrenshaw_23

    @roemerlaurent I believe they’re still SEALs.

  • 4d ago roemerlaurent roemerlaurent

    @rcrenshaw_23 thanks for the answer

  • 4d ago rcrenshaw_23 rcrenshaw_23

    @roemerlaurent I believe they’re still SEALs.

  • 4d ago georgecrick73 georgecrick73

    The Trident should be taken from the ones that lied.

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